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Why DirectLegalJobs:



Have you ever been in a situation where looking for jobs was so overwhelming and time-consuming you ended up turning to recruitment agencies for help? Did you ever get the impression that this approach may not be in your best interests, but could in fact affect your chances of securing your dream job?


Until now, the main advantage of using a legal recruiter has been their up-to-date overview of the market - an asset used to save you endless hours of online job searching by offering you opportunities best matched to your skills and needs.


However, with recruiters typically charging firms a fee of 20 to 25% of a candidate’s first year’s salary, this efficient approach comes with a price tag so high it affects candidates’ chances of getting hired. It is no wonder, then, that employers would favour direct applications, saving their business thousands of pounds in the process.


So what if you increased your chances by getting the best of both worlds: the time-saving advantage of applying for opportunities best matched to your skills and needs, and the invaluable benefit of applying direct?


It’s for that very reason that we created a one-stop shop for job seekers in the legal marketplace, offering you a vast selection of easily searchable opportunities listed directly by hiring companies.


In other words, your very own recruiter’s online database!


Seize the opportunity of applying direct now