Would you pay £15,000 to hire you?

Would you pay £15,000* to hire you?

If you wouldn’t why should an employer?


This is a question hiring firms ask themselves every time they interview a candidate represented by a recruitment agency. And however outstanding your skills and experience may be, it is also a question likely to play a major part in an employer’s final decision as to whether or not they should hire you.


Applying direct at gives you the advantage of a fee-free application, giving yourself all the chances of securing your dream job by taking a huge step ahead of candidates applying through costly recruiters.


Yes, using a recruitment agency is an efficient way of saving you time searching for jobs online. But with opportunities easily searchable by location and practice area, looking for jobs on provides you with the exact same time-saving efficiency, whilst also giving you the invaluable bonus of not being held back by recruiters’ fees.


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*figure representing a typical fee based on a candidate’s salary of £60,000 per annum.